About the Network

The Prevention Network was initiated by the Canadian Cancer Society as a platform to leverage Society-funded activities in prevention, and engage the wider prevention and risk reduction community. Members of the Network can use this space to share information and connect with other members with the common goal of working together to prevent cancers and chronic diseases. 

Network goals are to support and encourage the exchange of ideas and information amongst cancer prevention researchers, program and policy experts; provide opportunities to integrate research, practice, and policy across risk factors; build capacity and cultivate a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer prevention; and minimize the gap between knowledge to action for cancer prevention.

Network activities will focus on advancing Canadian Cancer Society priorities with the goal of impacting the larger chronic disease prevention communities as the network matures. The Network welcomes all those active in the prevention community in Canada and internationally.

How you can use the portal:

  • Learn about and connect with other prevention experts
  • Post about your own work and prevention projects so others can learn about you
  • Identify potential partnerships and collaborative opportunities
  • Take advantage of collaborative online workspaces
  • Participate in discussion forums on prevention issues
  • Help develop workshops, webinars and an annual meeting in
  • Post and learn about upcoming funding, training and employment opportunities
  • Post and learn about upcoming activities and events
  • Receive Prevention Network updates

PreventionNetwork.ca is supported by donors to the Canadian Cancer Society. Visit cancer.ca for information about the Society or to donate.