Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (ARCC)

The Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (ARCC) is a pan-Canadian research centre whose mission is to improve cancer control and the delivery of care through interdisciplinary leadership in health economics, services, policy and ethics research, education and knowledge translation. ARCC is committed to making improvements across the cancer control spectrum, from prevention, screening and diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation, survivorship and palliative care. The Centre is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society, the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Cancer Care Ontario - in collaboration with researchers, clinicians and decision-makers throughout Canada.  ARCC strives to make lasting advances in cancer control in Canada as leaders in independent, policy relevant research, education and knowledge translation

ARCC provides a platform for meaningful interactions and effective communications amongst academics, researchers, clinicians, students, policy and decision makers.

ARCC enables and enhances significant accomplishments by bringing together investigators from various disciplines to share diverse ideas, formulate creative research projects, and develop successful grant applications. ARCC is collaborative and pan-Canadian with an inter-disciplinary research focus and diverse experiences in cancer control.

Engagement in Prevention Network activities:
ARCC offers research expertise in health economics, services, policy and ethics research, represented by ARCC’s Research Programs: health technology assessment; health systems, services and policy; societal values and public engagement; patients and families. ARCC offers a pan-Canadian platform for Knowledge Translation and Exchange through a national Network of over 500 applied cancer researchers, students, decision-makers and clinicians, as well as a wide range of capacity building initiatives drawing on ARCC experts from across the country.

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Directors / Leaders

Drs Kelvin Chan and Stuart Peacock - co-Directors


Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (ARCC)

British Columbia

BC Cancer Research Centre
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Cancer Care Ontario
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