Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention

The Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention is a partnership between the British Columbia/Yukon Division of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Centre aims to facilitate connections among academics, students, community organizations, health care organizations, policy-makers, and the public. The Centre’s mission is to reduce the incidence of cancer and other diseases through new research, and the dissemination and application of new and existing knowledge to practitioners, policy makers and the public, thus reducing the time lag from discovery to implementation, and ultimately to impact. The Centre collaborates closely with the CCS and other community partners to inform, and be informed by, their priorities and programs. 

The Centre uses a model that links academic excellence with community championship. A dedicated team of UBC-based researchers conducts projects that identify new and novel cancer risk factors, and develops, implements, and evaluates innovative interventions (including policies) to prevent cancer. Hallmarks of the approach include providing programs that the population wants, being responsive to needs that are identified both by researchers and the community, working with the community in all stages of the research, and providing rapid evaluations and recommendations.

The Centre uses multiple ways to disseminate what is learned, including a website with breaking news about advances in cancer prevention research and policy, an interactive membership space, a monthly blog written by Centre members, annually updated Canadian profiles for cancer risk factors, and access to resources. The Centre also sponsors community forums for knowledge translation and exchange, as well as webinars. The Centre maintains an active social media presence on twitter and Facebook.

Engagement in Prevention Network activities:
The Centre leaders and academic and policy/practice members can provide expertise in diverse fields  and research methods including: behavioural science assessment and intervention; epidemiology and biostatistics; geographic information systems; program evaluation; clinical trials; qualitative research; biomarkers; community-based participatory research; health economics; and epigenetics. Content expertise is found among Centre members for behavioural interventions; worksite-based programs; shift work and health; breast and colon cancer prevention and risk reduction; physical activity and cancer prevention; UV protection and cancer prevention; cancer survivorship; social determinants of health and cancer; environmental causes of cancer; media; and risk assessment and risk perception. As the faculty and membership of the Centre expands, the collaboration potential will also increase.

The Centre provides current and updated cancer risk factor profiles, suitable for use in presentations, and will develop new profiles on request.

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Dr Carolyn Gotay - Director


Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention
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