CARcinogen EXposure (CAREX) Canada

Setting policies and priorities for occupational and environmental carcinogens in Canada is often limited by the lack of exposure data and poor characterization of the health risks arising from these exposures. CAREX Canada (CARcinogen EXposure) addresses this gap by generating high quality estimates of the number of Canadians exposed to substances associated with cancer in the workplace and community environments. This makes it easier to identify and target high priority exposure scenarios for exposure reduction.

CAREX Canada has produced both occupational and environmental exposure estimates. The occupational exposure estimates calculate the numbers of workers exposed to 44 specific carcinogens by industry, occupation, province, and sex. Where data are available, levels of exposure expected in Canadian workplaces have also been estimated. The environmental exposure estimates provide detailed information on the importance of different exposure pathways (outdoor air, indoor air, indoor dust, drinking water) to the 38 most common known or suspected carcinogens in Canadian community settings. For outdoor air, detailed models have been developed that allow provincial mapping.

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Engagement in Prevention Network activities:
CAREX Canada offers a rich understanding of which known and suspected carcinogens Canadians are exposed to, where in Canada such exposures may occur, and which substances pose the greatest hazard in workplaces and communities. It is the only national surveillance system of its kind in Canada. The project is led by a multidisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in epidemiology, occupational hygiene, risk assessment, environmental quality, geographic information systems, and knowledge translation and exchange. 

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Directors / Leaders

Dr Paul Demers - Scientific Director and Dr Anne-Marie Nicol - Principal Investigator


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