Stroll Cancer Prevention Centre 

Created in 2002, the division of Cancer Prevention of the McGill Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, is a multidisciplinary program that encompasses clinical, research and academic work in cancer prevention. In close collaboration with the programs in Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Genetics, the program focuses on the integration of research and clinical interests related to cancer prevention at McGill, and fosters further academic work in the field.
For the public, clinical services and educational materials about cancer risk reduction and information about upcoming public lectures and programs are located at the Stroll Cancer Prevention Centre, which is based at the Jewish General Hospital. 

Engagement in Prevention Network activities:
The centre runs a number of programs related to prevention including;
an ongoing cancer prevention awareness campaign through which the Centre informs the public about issues related to cancer risk reduction. Activities include:
  • a smoking cessation program which has already helped over a thousand individuals since 2004 and includes the goal of establishing smoking cessation programs and policies in other countries.
  • a hereditary cancer risk reduction program, where the Centre’s team of Cancer Geneticists and specialized Genetic Counsellors provides consultation services to assess an individual’s risk of cancer based on personal and family history, determine the genetic or hereditary component of the risk and provide advice on strategies to reduce this risk when necessary.
  • a Research program, which represents a major part of the Centre’s activities. The Centre’s researchers have over 561 papers published in the past 12 years, many of which have been cited extensively by the global cancer research community.
  • a visiting lecture series to promote research in the biology of cancer risk reduction, distinguished past speakers include Dr. James Watson (Nobel Laureate 1962) and Dr Robert A. Weinberg (Founding Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  

Director / Leader

Dr Michael Pollak - Director


Stroll Cancer Prevention Centre 
Jewish General Hospital
3755 Cote-Ste.-Catherine Road, Room E-740
Montreal, QC H3T 1E2
Telephone: 514 340 8222 #3872