Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP)

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP) is a research platform, or population laboratory, that recently met its initial enrolment target with 300,000 people participating. With the data and samples the participants are providing, researchers in Canada and around the world will have access to a valuable resource to investigate why cancer and other chronic diseases develop. CPTP will continue to collect information over many years. Similar long-term studies have paid invaluable health dividends, such as establishing the link between smoking and lung cancer.

With five regional study teams — the Alberta's Tomorrow Project, Atlantic PATH, the BC Generations Project, the Ontario Health Study and Quebec’s CARTaGENE – this project is the largest health study of its kind in Canada. Data and samples from the CPTP will be available to researchers in April 2015, allowing them to study questions that are critical to learning how cancer and chronic disease can be prevented. The CPTP is an initiative of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the national organization responsible for leading a coordinated cancer strategy across the country.

Engagement in Prevention Network activities:
Researchers will be able to access CPTP data and biological specimens through a web portal which will be live from April 2015. Formal requests and copies of REB approval are required before data and specimens will be released. Specimens include DNA, buffy coat, plasma, serum, urine, saliva and toenails.

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Directors / Leaders

Dr Jacques Magnan - Scientific Leader, Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project
Dr Céline Moore - Director, Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project
Dr Louise Parker - Principal Investigator, Atlantic PATH
Dr Philip Awadalla - Principal Investigator and Scientific Director, CARTaGENE
Dr Mark Purdue - Principal Investigator, Ontario Health Study
Dr Paula Robson - Scientific Director,  Alberta's Tomorrow Project
Dr John Spinelli - Principal Investigator,  BC Generations Project


Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project
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