Collaboration Groups

Collaboration group spaces are private environments for a subset of members to share ideas, collaborate on projects and build communities.

Why set up a collaboration group?
  • Many different types of collaboration groups are possible depending on the needs of Network members. For example, some may focus on a specific topic in prevention, while others can facilitate collaboration on a project proposal.
How does a collaboration group work?
  • Members submit a request to the Prevention Network for a collaboration group work space.
  • Group administrators are designated by the group and are responsible for managing member enrollment, including permissions and the structure of their group space.
Who can join a collaboration group?
  • Membership is determined by the group administrator. Existing group members can invite new members, or interested parties can request permission to join a group.
How can I suggest a collaboration group?
  • Please click Suggest a group below to describe the needs of your group.
The following are groups currently using Collaboration Group Spaces:

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Thank you

Thank you for your collaboration group suggestion and your interest in the Prevention Network. We will review your group suggestion and be in touch soon. Thank you for your patience.