External resources


  • American Cancer Society - The Cancer Atlas
  • American Cancer Society - The Tobacco Atlas
  • Canadian Cancer Society - It's My Life!: an interactive online tool that will allow Canadians to better understand their cancer risk
  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer - ​cancerview.ca
  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer - Prevention policies directory
  • Cancer Care Ontario - My CancerIQ
  • CAREX Canada - Carcinogen Profiles: a library of technical summaries for CAREX agents outlining production, use, regulation and exposure information
  • CAREX Canada - Occupational Estimates: estimates of the number of Canadians exposed to workplace carcinogens, provided by occupation, industry, province, and sex
  • CAREX Canada - Environmental Exposure Indicators: risk-based estimates of the national average excess lifetime cancer risk for carcinogens present in various environmental exposure pathways
  • CAREX Canada - eRISK: a database application that allows users to explore the CAREX environmental indicators and create new estimates using their own local measurements of past or future predicted levels
  • CAREX Canada - Emissions Mapping Project (EMP): a Google Earth-based tool that explores sources and concentrations of CAREX agents emitted across Canada
  • CAREX Canada - eWORK: a tool that enables custom queries of the CAREX results database for occupational exposures
  • Harvard School of Public Health - Disease Risk Index
  • McMaster University - Health Evidence
  • Public Health Agency of Canada - Best practices portal




Additional resources:

If you have suggestions for additional resources, please contact preventionnetwork@cancer.ca